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About Kalamazoo

Our story



Kalamazoo was founded by an American from the city of Kalamazoo in Michigan state back in 1901.It first was specialized into accounting printed materials.

In the 70's, Kalamazoo specialized into school printed materials and launched the first correspondence notebook.

Today, after more than 46 years aside of middle and high schools, Kalamazoo continues to evoluate and innovate in its expertise area.


Our job



Kalamazoo is specialized in providing solutions which facilitate the communication and organization of middle and high schools.


We publish printed school document such as : school planners, agendas, attendance registers, students ID…


We offer as well a complete range of school equipment : indoor and outdoor signage for information and safety, display cases, small storage furniture, display panels, safety devices and registers, outdoor furniture (benches, tables, picnic, paper bins...).


Our products are presented on both our catalogs "Edition et Equipement scolaire" directly on our website.



Our mission



As a publisher, we design and continually adapt our products to the changing needs of the school life.

We strive to select quality solutions and quality suppliers, respectful of the environment and sustainable development.

We have developed a partnership with Unicef and Unesco for many years which aims to promote the use of recycled paper.


The mission of Kalamazoo is to :


-          Provide solutions and advice to ease the organization of the school life.

-          Adapt and expand its product offer to answer the expectations of our customers.

-          Continue to be distinguished through the quality of its products and services.

-          Inscribe its actions in sustainable development: respect of the environment, fair trade.


Leader on the French market, Kalamazoo had earned a strong reputation and we have a significant capacity of innovation.

Now a days, about 3 700 public and private middle and high schools throughout France trust us.



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What do you want to do ?
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